Heaven Adores You – Film Review


Heaven Adores You is as expected an emotional journey, packed with beautiful and intimate visuals. It’s a hard watch for anyone who has fallen in love with the music of Elliott Smith, but in essence, it could be much harder.

The film shies away from the darkened demise of Portland’s underdog hero. The man who was a closely guarded secret until he was nominated for an Oscar for the soundtrack to Good Will Hunting. This could be for the best though, images of the singers candle lit tributes coupled with his tear jerking intricate guitar work was perhaps enough to bring a few tears into the auditorium.

We’re talked through his musical movements through first hand accounts in interviews with his inner friendship circle, coaxed and lulled through those intricate acoustic pickings while images of a sun-glazed Portland, Oregon are beautifully shot, and still images of his first steps into music are narrated over.

The film is not so much about the dark details of the artists downfall, but it’s stinted with humorous and endearing accounts from his move to Portland during high school years. One such detail is where Elliott committed a full forty dollars to a jukebox in one night at a New York bar. It’s a poignant film that’s a testament to the legacy of Elliott Smith.

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