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A brand new year, and everybody’s wondering which bands are going to be the Tom Odell, the Chvrches or the Sam Bailey of 2014. Only joking, I’m sure nobody cares who wins X-Factor these days; I even had to do a google search for the purposes of that opening line. Anyway, digression over, here’s the acts we believe will have a great 2014 (without the aid of a grotesque talent show).


Findlay is a stripped back, hard hitting, rock and roll extravaganza from Manchester, we should all check out this young lady in the coming year. Despite possessing a vocal style reminiscent of Karen O, I dare say that Findlay’s style is more visceral than even the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s raucous first album.

With an E.P, ‘Greasy Love’, out last year and a stonking Reading Festival performance behind her, we suspect Findlay could be coming to a sweaty gig near you.

Standout song – Your Sister (warning explicit!)


PAPA hail from that most plastic of all the American cities, Los Angeles. So where does this very British sound come from? Maybe this has something to do with drummer/vocalist, Darren Weiss’ fascination with the Clash, in particular their positive relationship with American culture. I guess these guys are like the opposite of the Clash then.

Confession time, we have cheated a little bit. PAPA released their first album, ‘Tender Madness’, last year. So even though they’re a bit of a 2013 band but we think there’s still more to come from the lads this year. Their sound is subtlety anthemic and perhaps we could see them illuminating the unsettling darkness of the UK charts in the next 12 months?

Standout song – I Am the Lion King

Catfish and the Bottlemen

Without question the busiest band on our list. During the last 12 months Catfish and the Bottlemen have been touring their brand of explosive and honest indie rock all over Europe. And making a name for themselves the good old-fashioned way, by spending outrageous periods of time living in their van playing to anybody who will listen anywhere.

It’s paying off and their van/house will be rolling into Bristol in late February for a gig at the Louisiana and we predict they could be moving into a more spacious van/house very soon.

Standout song – Pacifier

Well there it is. These are the three bands we’ve somehow chosen from the plethora of talent that are sure to have a great 2014. Even if these guys don’t have such a great year, they’re still sure to sell more records than Sam Bailey next Christmas.

Words: Chris Bilko –

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