a3789456867_10-1 Our pals over at Counterpoint are doing wonders in exploring the teeming creativity of Bristol at the moment. This December (6th) their sister label Industria will be releasing the first in a series of four-track samplers aiming to unearth hidden and unsigned music in the South-West. The first sampler aptly titled ‘Winter’ is an offering of four starkly different tracks sitting nicely alongside each other. Featured on the disc are Diving Bell, Super Squarecloud, Tidy Street and Beowolf.

Each song introduces an engagingly individual sound, Diving Bell’s contribution ‘Icarus and the Radiator’ muscles up a touch of punk, with riddling basslines and an ever-dark thrashing climax. Super Squarecloud’s ‘Lolly Moon’ is edgy from the off, with splurges of heavy instrumentation clashing with fragile vocals nestled in patches of silence. ‘Mary Jane’ by Tidy Street is a humble fairytale of melancholy with every line doused in emotion. ‘Sirens’ by Beowolf rounds the release off, up starting with the haunting wail of air-raid sirens, then diverging into a brush of medieval tranquility.

The intention of this release is to bring to light promising new music, and with four unique and inspiring tracks, we’re already looking forward to the next one. The physical CD’s come with a Counterpoint assembled zine which includes information on the artists making up the release, but be quick because they’re strictly limited to 100 copies!

Click here to order now!

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