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Frank Turner has recently dropped news of a UK arena tour, so we thought it was best to get in touch.

We got Mr Turner to compile an exclusive playlist. As friendly people we left the theme open, so when he bounced back with the title ‘People who have supported me on tour’, it was a bit of a surprise. Below is a list of songs with a line or two about the artist from the man himself.

1. Lucero – What Are You Willing To Lose

The original country punk band, from Memphis TN. So many bands, myself included, have learned our chops from these guys.

2. Larry & His Flask – The Battle For Clear Sight

Crazy backwoodsmen folk punk from Oregon. Also one of the best live bands I’ve ever seen.

3. George Frakes – Letting Go

I stumbled across George playing in a bar in Camden and immediately invited him on tour, he’s a prodigy.

4. The Smith Street Band – Sunshine & Technology

The Smith Street Band opened for us in Australia a while back and instantly won me over. My favoruite new punk band.

5. Ben Marwood – I Promise You That It Will Be OK

Ben and I go way back, we started playing shows together in 2006. Most recently we toured the USA. He’s ace.

6. Off With Their Heads – Don’t Make Me Go

Off With Their Heads are what I think punk bands should sound like. Abrasive, fierce, energetic, uncompromising. Nice bunch of people too, surprisingly. Haha.

7. Beans On Toast – Peter Pan’s Playground

Jay Beans and I are old friends and compadres, he’s a big part of the reason I started playing acoustic music after Million Dead split. I also produced this album, so I am biased.

8. Tim Bary – On & On

Tim used to play for Avail, a band I loved, and then he started making amazing solo country records. This is the best song about touring that I know.

9. Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun – Wilderness Of A Wild Youth 

Jim and co I discovered at 2000 Trees Festival a few years ago, and I’ve been cheerleading for them ever since. Awesome songs.

10. Jenny Owen Youngs – Pirates 

 Jenny opened up for us in the USA last year and is a fantastic songwriter and all round lovely person. This song has become one of our tour anthems.


So there we are, to check out tour dates and latest info head over to the official website here – http://frank-turner.com/news/

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