5 Gig Suggestions: Bristol August

Ever since the dawn of time music journalism has been split into lists.

Lists detailing who to see, where to be and (more recently, courtesy of the NME) ‘Hilariously Awful Attempts at Sexy Album Covers’.

Whether we admit it or not, we all love a good list. Maybe it’s because they appeal to the more organised sides of our complex personas. Maybe it’s because they make good business sense. Either way, they exist, and I’m not about to go against hundreds of years of social convention. So I’ve compiled the following list of gigs to see in Bristol this month.

1) Friday 9th August – Seasfire and Delphic – The Fleece – £15

Delphic have become a household name, but supporting act Seasfire are quickly on the rise. Originally Bristol boys themselves, Seasfire’s rapid ascension to fame is now pretty much complete. Their chilling, electronic anthems and atmospheric performance will make you forget they’re not the band you paid £15 to see.

2) Saturday 17th August – TOWNS – The Mothers’ Ruin – £Free!

If the pennies are a bit tight following the Seasfire gig, get yourself down to the Mother’s Ruin the following weekend and see TOWNS… for absolutely no money at all. Psychedelic beats and catchy riffs definitely make them a band worth checking out.


3) Friday 23rd August – Blondes – Start the Bus – £4.50

The first and only international act I’m going to recommend you check out this month is Blondes, playing Start the Bus on the 23rd of August. The Brooklyn-based electronic duo sculpt each of their live sets depending on the reaction of the crowd, making each performance unique.


4) Sunday 25th August – Kalu Kalae – The Fleece – £5

Little is known about emerging artists Kalu Kalae, but I can tell you the one track the band currently have up on You Tube is truly bloody excellent. They bring their ‘alternative acoustic rock fused with tribal percussion’ to the Fleece as part of a bank holiday indie/rock all dayer, headlined by The Crystal Skulls.

Screen Shot 2013-08-08 at 11.09.22

5) Sunday 25th August – Yes Rebels – The Fleece – £5

Fresh from their headline slot at Bristol’s harbour festival, Yes Rebels once again step up to the plate to close the Sunday of The Fleece’s Grand Bank Holiday Weekender. Expect good old fashioned rock n roll alongside some impressive wordsmithery from the Bristol favourites.

Yes Rebels
A good few potential dates for your diary there. Jot them down. It’s easy. They’re in a list.

This post was written by Chris Bilko, who broadcasts Bristol’s new music for The Bristol Beats Club. 




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