Queen Maud: Pains

 20130622_185753Queen Maud are a band who prove that you don’t need thrashing guitars or snarly vocals to leave a stinging first impression. Yup, the latest faces to arrive on the Liverpool scene come bearing an EP full of emotion fuelled art pop. Pains may lull you into a dream like utero with its sparse instrumentation and curious soundscapes – but the occasional funky bass-line is enough to keep you on edge.

Splashes of electronic arrive early during the first track Low, but then a twist in the narrative comes with the vocals as a scouse accent surfaces, throwing a unique angle onto the tune. The song hits a climax as a plucky guitar jam pulls through, reminding me of David Sylvian and Ryuichi Sakamoto’s, Forbidden Colours.

Broken continues in this manor, with a bit of Foals twang to it, emotive vocals hit full swing, ‘some hearts are meant to be broken, some hearts are always left behind…’ well it’s true right? Most new bands putting out an EP will make it a three or four track, but with five released in one go without any dips in quality, it’s clear there’s a lot of talent being shown. Hope is my favourite, It may have (Christmas) next to it because of the glimmering guitar undertone that bears similarity to the ‘Stop The Cavalry’ bridge, but the use of a drum machine gives a cool throb throughout.

Sense and Ambition is the one that makes you want to see Queen Maud live, with a quirky gameboy like intro and some orchestral influence it provides a completely alien sound, which enables these guys to stand out in a crowded market. I have never been approached by an artist who has merited attention as much as these guys, Pains feels original and silences the expectations of genre… I sincerely hope the release gets the attention it deserves.

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