Five Reasons For Farmfest

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It’s official, festie season has kicked off! I’m sure you’re all gearing up for some of the classic household names like Glastonbury, Bestival, Reading etc – but like myself many of you may well be flirting with the idea of booking up another last-minute summer bash. Here at Charming Man we feel that our local Farmfestival has everything to offer… so I’ve compiled this list of reasons for booking up.

1) Support Independent

Imagine being able to enjoy a great weekend with your pals safe in the knowledge that you’re not being raided by corporate monsters. Farmfest is a family run, self-sufficient and independent event. Year after year this leads to a diverse bill of acts ranging from the alternative punk rockers Art Brut, through to the ever-cool Ghostpoet; which brings me onto my next point.

2) The Line-up


Ghostpoet – Superb booking!

Of course the line-up is the decisive factor at most festivals; because if you’re going to drive miles in your mates clapped out Ford Ka that’s filled to the brim with rotten tents then it’s only natural to make sure there’s plenty of  great bands on offer. With Farmfest this is firmly the case, especially as there’s plenty of new acts bearing the potential to skyrocket. Not only that but there’s also loads of great large-scale bands who’ll be doing all in their power to win you over.

3) Value for money…

Why pay over £200 to go and see a load of generic chart bother? You could be going to four Farmfest’s for that! (Erm, kind of anyway.) With such reasonable ticket prices, you’ll be able to splash out on the organic and locally produced food available. The unique festival ethos is that you only pay what is absolutely necessary to be a part of it. Sounds pretty good eh?

4) Bigger isn’t always better…

Most people would agree with me when I say that intimate gigs truly are the best; up close and personal. It’s just not the same seeing a gig when the performers are minuscule figures on a main-stage. Eye contact, sharing the moment and connecting; that’s what live music’s all about!

5) It’s supported by all of the right people…

Farmfest is a sponsor-free festival, meaning that everything achieved is completley off the organisers own back. But that’s not to say that some of the coolest publications around aren’t championing it. Yep, with renowned magazines such as Fear Of Fiction and Time Out London on board, it’s safe to say that you won’t leave disappointed.

So, you like what you’re hearing and want to find out more? Head over to the website for more information. –

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