Introducing – The Dancers

The Dancers
The Dancers are a sexy french pop trio who now reside in the gay capital, Brighton…

After recently making it to the final of Glastonbury Festival’s Emerging Talent Competition, they have been offered a slot on the famed John Peel Stage, which has a rich history of shooting promising new acts into the limelight. We decided to catch up with the female element of the band Clementine to get her thoughts during this exciting period.

Hey there Clementine! Could you fill us in with The Dancers background? You spent a long time writing in France before moving to England right?

Yes, we’ve been messing around together for a while. We spent two years in a house in the middle of nowhere, so we had plenty of time to write some tunes before deciding to move over.

Big congratulations on your recent success in the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition. Sum up the experience?

It was very exciting to compete for a slot on the main stage. I tried to perform my best during the set, I was so enthusiastic. The other bands were also there watching the whole night, it was a very cheerful evening.

It’s been announced that you’re set to play the legendary John Peel Stage; Is it a little bit surreal to be playing a stage with such a rich history?

Well, yes I guess! I’ve never been to Glastonbury so it’s going to be a great experience. I’ve heard it is the main stage for indie and new music so it’s a very nice spot for us!

What are you enjoying at the moment in terms of new music? Do you follow the latest trends?

At the moment I’m enjoying the Archie Bronson Outfit, I can’t understand why this guy isn’t worldwide famous, his tunes are just stunning. I went to see Chet Faker last night in Brighton, which was really nice and chilled. I also listen to Suuns, Veronica Falls, PJ Harvey, Junip and Battles…

Corentin (vocals/guitar) is quite a Pitchfork freak. He enjoys listening to the latest and weirdest acts! He is currently into Anika, Japanther and Mac Demarco.

Are there any new french bands that we should know about? La Femme are brilliant, if you’ve heard them?

Yes we know La Femme! I found it a bit strange when I first listened. But now I’ve got a bit more into their world. Corentin is currently on tour with Concrete Knives, they are very good live. I also have quite an obsession with Christine and The Queens, particularly her song “Narcissus is Back” these days.

So what else does the summer have in store for you guys… mainly festivals?

Well, some festivals but not a lot! As I just said, Corentin is also on tour with another band. Hopefully we’ll find some time to get together and write some new tunes.

Well thanks very much for your time, see you at Glastonbury!

Thanks! See you soon!

To catch the latest news on The Dancers, check out their facebook page here…

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