Single – The Romleys – We Love Everyone

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 10.47.59Most new musicians going for a vintage aesthetic either do it half heartedly or with a modern twist. Though upon hearing The Romleys debut single – We Love Everyone, it’s evident that they’re going all out.

First of all, its important to mention that these guys hail from Merseyside. Second of all, its bloody obvious that sooner or later they’re going to be compared to fellow Liverpudlians The Beatles… though that’s somewhat lazy. In an age where more and more bands are incorporating laptops, Kindles, iPhones and whatever else into their sets, its genuinely refreshing to hear a new band going back to such basics.

From the off there’s fiery chords, electric overlays and upbeat lyrical content that would get one jiving quicker than a mum would to Agadoo. Fuck, sorry I mentioned that. But seriously, there’s a decisive buzz in the air around this 60’s thing currently and I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw these Scousers hit stardom similar to that of young blues revivalists The Strypes. Judging from the video accompanying the single, The Romleys humour matches their songwriting skills because after all, music’s about having fun right? Check the video below.

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