Seasfire Interview…

Seasfire are a forward thinking Bristol based 
quartet. Dabbling in melancholic soundscapes, they have honed the craft of the ‘Bristol sound’ which was pioneered by industry heavyweights Massive Attack. Subsequently this has since won the band appearences at Reading & Leeds and even a session at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Thus firing them onto the path of commercial success. 

I caught up with vocalist Josh Thorner… who explains how Seasfire are moving away from those moody ominous beats and progressing towards a more anthemic sound and believe me, it’s sounding shit hot. Oh, did I mention there was a new EP involved?  

Hi there Josh, so what’s been happening in the world of Seasfire recently, fill us in?

Well towards the end of last year we did a few dates with Bastille and we were lucky enough to play with The Neighbourhood as well. We’ve just started writing and have finished recording our new single which should be out in a few months time.

You have a few dates coming up soon, right?

Oh yeah! We’re playing in Bristol on Sunday, then we’re doing the Live At Leeds festival in May… we’re also heading to London for a gig next month.

Sounds like you’re keeping busy then?

Well we try to… it doesn’t always work out the way we like but we do a lot of work and hopefully it pays off.

Seasfire’s music carries a heavy melancholic tone; how does Bristol inspire this?

Well we’re all heavily into Massive Attack, we like everything they do. The Bristol sound is something people recognise. It was something we did aim for but now we want to go a bit more anthemic. We have achieved the sound that we want and now we’re expanding it  and pushing it onto a bigger stage.

People frequently use the likes of Massive Attack and Portishead to describe your sound?  How does it feel being compared to these iconic bands?

Well its great really! To be compared to someone you’re really into is a big compliment. It’s good that people can hear what influences we have in our music, especially as we aspire to be like them.

Are there any new bands evoking this particular sound you’re into?

My favourite band currently is The Neighbourhood. I think they’re great, they’ve got a cool new sound and they think about about their image which I think is important. They take everything into consideration, for example with their photos they only do them in black and white which some people think is a bit weird but I think it’s great that they have these boundaries in place. They’re new album comes out soon as well which I’m very much looking forward to. I’m hoping to catch up with them at Live In Leeds.

Seasfire pay a similar attention to image, are aesthetics an important factor for you guys?

Yes definitely. Music is a visual thing as well. Our music is quite dark so we’ve gone for a similar thing… with a few black and white photos and images that we like. The visual aspect of our band is very important to us, nothing happens by accident, its always thought through.

So going back to sound, does the withdrawn sparse sound come from the isolation of living in the south-west?

Yeah I suppose, I can see where you’re coming from because Falling and Heartbeat are both very downbeat and sad songs. Bristol probably takes effect because it is a quieter part of the world, but I do love being from the south-west.

Bristol’s music scene is phenomenal at the moment…

Yeah, I love going out there and the music scene is just brilliant.

You must have been to a fair few Bristol gigs… what’s the best one you’ve been to?

Oooft… that’s difficult… I’ve been to a few yeah. I watched The Maccabees on Thekla about three years ago. I just thought it was amazing, the atmosphere in that place is incredible. I’ve seen so many great bands at the Academy, I watched Foals there on the Total Life Forever tour. I fucking love Yannis he’s so cool!

Earlier you mentioned wanting to go for a bigger sound, I noticed that coming through on ‘We Will Wake’, it has an urgent style to it. How did this come about?

Well, we just wanted to expand the sound really, we want to get people going at the gigs. When you go to a gig you want to get a spectrum of emotions. If we fill a set with songs like Falling and Heartbeat then it will always be quite downbeat. We wanted to introduce those bigger moments into the set. It was purely for a live aspect really but we’ve ended up really liking the songs that we’ve written. I’m looking forward to releasing the new ones really to see what response they get.

You’re not the only one looking forward to the release…

Haha! It’s been a while yeah, it feels like its been ages since last December.

So what material is on the way? You spoke about a single, will anything else be released?

We’ve got a single that should be released around late May or early June. Then we are actually going to do an EP as well which should feature four or five tracks. We’ll hopefully back the release up with a UK tour.

Will the whole EP encompass this full bodied anthemic sound?

Yes for sure! It will be much more like the We Will Wake EP, it’s going to be quite big sounding but we might put one of the new slower tracks on there to give it some diversity.

I hope Bastille know that you've been fondling their letters!

I hope Bastille know that you’ve been fondling their letters!

As a band you’ve got a shitload of achievements under you’re belt. Having toured with Bastille, selling out the Louisiana and even doing a session at Abbey Road. What has been the most inspiring moment for you guys?

We did have a great time last year… its crazy really to think that we got to do so many incredible things and we are so grateful, BBC Introducing helped us out drastically, other highlights were Reading & Leeds and the Maida Vale session…

Has there been one stand out experience?

Well for me personally it was Abbey Road,  I mean Maida Vale there’s vast amounts of history there and that was brilliant, but Abbey Road is just out of this world. We were going through the studios with all of the artists on the wall, so many icons and heroes.

Seasfire’s bio, states ‘Dreaming of escape’. Are these elements of major success the means of escapism that you desire?

Yeah with lyrical things we think of saying one thing through different ways, we make different stories for each individual song, from there the mood of the lyrics translate into the music… then hopefully it will all come together and create that sound that we’re after.

Ending on a confessional… who’s been tweeting about Made In Chelsea? Fess up. 

That’s our drummer! He’s a big fan {laughs}. I don’t watch it, I’ve seen a few episodes but I’m not a fan. I think they put some good new music on there though. Peace were on there the other night. They’ve got a cool thing going on but i’m not a huge fan.

Erm... #awkward

Erm… #awkward

Haha! Well I must admit, I do watch it. Thanks so much for the chat its great to hear what Seasfire are up to! Best of luck with the EP Josh. 

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