Live Review – Jake Bugg, Yeovil Westland.

Jake Bugg.

Photo credit – Len Copland, Western Gazette.

18-year-old Nottingham lad Jake Bugg surely doesn’t need an introduction by now. Having topped the charts, opened for The Stone Roses and won fans in Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher, his skyward trajectory continues to soar as he embarks upon yet another sold out UK tour. Tickets for his gig at Yeovil’s Westland Leisure Complex were being sold online for over double the face value, which highlights the progression of this young sensation in recent months. The venues get bigger with each tour and his date in Somerset provided a great opportunity to see him play in an intimate venue before the inevitable happens and the arena gigs flow for the young council estate ruffian.

In the town of Yeovil, where predominantly ‘music’ to the dwellers means either Drake or one of those thrash metal bands that will never see any commercial success. Crowds turned out early to appreciate the sounds of Hudson Taylor, a duo who honed their craft at an early age busking in Dublin. On the night their upbeat feel-good acoustic material retained the interest of the talkative crowd.

Jake Bugg

Photo credit – Len Copland, Western Gazette.

Opening the set with Fire, the crackly nostalgic track harped back to the days of Buddy Holly and early Dylan. The song which was originally recorded in a council house kitchen blended into the howls and croons of Robert Johnson, who had been bellowing through the PA prior to the arrival of young Mr Bugg.

The blend of electric and acoustic material worked to effect, giving the football hooligans a chance to let off some steam during the rowdier numbers such as Taste It and Lightning Bolt… though their antics were halted instantly as those first tender emotive notes of Country Song were dropped in. Banter with the crowd was as expected, non existent.  This added to the unfazed Gallagher like cockiness of the Fred Perry clad star.

Bugg put the night to rest with an old school rendition of Johnny Cash’s – Folsom Prison Blues. Which drove the crowd into a lively stomping bounce around… ‘I killed a man in Reno… just to watch him die.’ Admittedly the inmates at Folsom Prison back in 68′ appeared better behaved than the Yeovil Town fans… mind you… I guess they weren’t pinned down by large guns? I hope not anyway.

Emphatic performance… Jake Bugg has just announced his biggest UK tour yet, set to take place in October… though meanwhile has been confirmed for Glastonbury and Isle Of Wight festival’s this summer.

For fan footage of Broken from the night click the link below.

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