Interview – LULS.

LULS are the latest addition to London’s thriving indie resurgence… the fresh-faced four month old outfit was formed by Adam Prendergast, ex-live bassist of The Big Pink. Attempting to sink their claws into the scene they have released two imperative and gutsy singles… ‘Swing Low’ and ‘Young’ if you haven’t yet heard these tracks then scurry off to youtube and give them listen, you’re unlikely to be disappointed.

We caught up with Adam to find out a little bit more about his new venture…

Hey there Adam. Thanks for speaking to us, could you tell us a little bit about how LULS  first hooked up?

I first met Shaun at a show I had with an old band. We spoke briefly and afterwards a mutual friend of ours told me I should check him out because he was a genius with guitar pedals and sounds. Eventually I managed to see Shaun playing with his old band and realized our friend was right, I was kind of blown away by him! I knew I wanted to be in a band with him pretty much from that moment. It was about a year later that we hooked up properly and started developing ideas until we had something we felt excited about with its own identity. During this time we met Ben through some other mutual friends. We had been searching for a while to find the right person to complete the band line up and we knew straight away that Ben would be perfect. Since then it’s been emotional to say the least. We have been through a lot together, tears of joy, angst and sadness have been shed together and more often than not its all taken place in Shaun’s bedroom. Hopefully that will make more sense later but the end product is LULS and we are proud to exist.

On the whole is there a track are you proudest of so far?

Sounds like a cop-out but I’m proud of all our songs. I can tell you something I love about every one of them. We spend copious amounts of time locked in Shaun’s bedroom affectionately named ‘the cave’ until we hit upon something that excites us, something that we can grab onto as a band and develop. On that note I love the programmed beat at the beginning of ‘Young’. That’s a perfect example. We built the whole song around that. I also love playing ‘Swing Low’ live because the bass is large and in charge. Or at least, it is in my monitors, ha!

Doesn’t LULS mean DICK in Danish? How did it come about…

It’s actually a slang word for penis in Dutch aswell. The word ‘lull’ struck a chord with us. Life has its lulls sometimes that can be hard to escape and we feel like we have had our fair share. The fact that LULS means Dicks in Dutch makes part of the ‘band names with sexual references gang’….. Smashing Pumpkins, Buzzcocks, Pearl Jam etc. That’s a good thing right?

 Yes of course! I don’t think The Danish music scene is exactly thriving to be honest anyway…

So were you eager to get straight back out there following your departure with The Big Pink?

I really enjoyed my time with The Big Pink. I love their music and we played some amazing shows together. I was their live bass player rather than an actual band member where as LULS is something that me and Shaun built up from nothing. So in that respect I’ve been super eager to get out there and play our songs for a while.

 You have a cleanly produced sound on track, did you draw this influence from anywhere or just develop it naturally?

It’s a mixture, partly to do with the way we write and partly to do with the different influences we all bring to the table. We usually work out all the music first until we feel we have a solid foundation to try out melody ideas so I think that has a big influence on our sound sonically because we can experiment lots without any constraints initially. Also as a band we listen to a lot of over produced pop music and draw inspiration from the best bits. I think it’s important to always be able to take something good from a song whatever it’s genre or style without writing it off straight away. We love a lot of massively produced rock bands too as well as lots of obscure stuff. We can go from Rihanna to Rage Against The Machine to Fugazi then back to Nicki Minaj in the blink of an eye and love each of them on their own merit. So that also has an impact on how we want our music to sound.

 Aside from Rage and Rihanna… Now is a particularly exciting time for music with bands such as Spector, Howler, Splash and many more surfacing… would you agree indie is bouncing back?

It certainly feels that way. I think there’s some really great music being made at the moment, Alt-J, Peace, Wolf Alice, Gabriel Bruce, Pale, Palma Violets and Swim Deep, they are all slamming it and that’s just a drop in the ocean in terms of new acts. It’s an exciting time to be in a band at the moment!

The band have made vast amounts of progress in only four months, what are the next steps for you guys?

Have we? It’s hard to measure your own progress sometimes so that’s a nice thing to say! Getting our music up online was a big step for us, we have a tendency to worry and over think everything, or at least I do. Shaun’s nickname for me is ‘uncle worry’ which worryingly does suit me. But so far, so good, none of our worst fears have come to light yet and the response has been surprisingly good. But there’s still time! We are in the process finishing off our next single that will be released early next year. There will also hopefully be a tour around that time which we are working out now. Other than that long-term we want to keep moving forward, we would love to put out an album and play as many shows to as many people who will listen.

Thanks for your time Adam, look  forward to hearing that third single!

Remember guys, for more latest news you can like our new facebook page here.

For more LULS updates check out their page through this link.

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