Interview – DZ Deathrays.

Allow me to introduce you to the DZ Deathrays. Deafening intimate sets. Copious amounts of alcohol and some of the best electro thrash around… this Brisbane duo released their debut album Bloodstreams in May this year and have since stormed the UK, letting us all in on this raucous hypnotic album gig by gig. DZ’s skull quaking new sounds are responsible for cases of hearing loss all over the world and their reputation is only growing … just you watch them.
We caught up with frontman and guitarist Shane Parsons, to talk Bloodstreams, Maiden shirts and get an insight into being a member of one of Australia’s most fucked up bands… (except Men At Work.)

Hey Shane, thanks for your time. So whats been going on in the world of the DZ Deathrays recently… fill us in?

We have just been on the road since February this year. I think we were home and not on tour for a total of three weeks so far. At the moment we are on our final UK tour of the year before doing a week or so in Europe supporting Blood Red Shoes then home for summer festivals!

Thrash punk, tinged with an electronic influence, you have a fresh sound, do you think more new bands will follow your lead? 

Honestly, I have no idea… The reason we sound the way we do is because we are influenced by such a variety of sounds. I guess we are forced to play a certain way being a two piece also.

The new album Bloodstreams was released earlier in the year, what was the creative process when writing the tracks for the album? the record seems to have a jam it out feel to it.

 All those songs were written over a few years between tours in Australia and overseas. It’s kind of a mish mash of direction but it was a chance for us to show people what we had and try some stuff that usually wouldn’t fly live.
It’s not a rare sight to see the two of you tearing up the stage in Maiden shirts, big fans then? 

Yeah we are. We grew up listening to a lot of different types of music and metal new and old was pretty important to us. Plus I simply love Maiden shirts… they have some of the best artwork.

This has to be the best artwork of the year right?

As Australians how would you say the music scenes tend to differ between there and the UK, I mean there’s plenty of wicked festivals over there right? 

Yeah there’s some great ones. Australia is very closed off with live music. If an international band comes to town, they are usually already doing well in Europe or the USA, so they come down under and already have quite a big following. In the UK there are great smaller internationals always touring. It’s good to see those bands cutting their international touring teeth.

The Deathrays carry a play gig, get wasted and pass out attitude. What’s been the most fucked up moment in the your careers so far? 

Coming home from tour with whooping cough. I felt like I was going to die for about two weeks, one of which was spent in the studio doing the record.

So that was worse than your little incident on a certain  french motorway…
Yeah even changing a tire on the side of the highway hungover was no where near as bad as getting sick. That shit was horrible!

So this is what only being at home for three weeks a year does to you?

 It’s been a pretty solid year for you guys with the new album and hard touring… next steps then?

Home to Australia to play some festivals, shows with Sleigh Bells then writing the new record before it all starts again…Sweet! I am asking you to come and play Glastonbury next year…

That would be damn nice…

If you do, I promise to get you a bottle of Jager, I know you’re fiends for it!


Thanks Shane, It’s been a pleasure.

This is how we party back in Aus!

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