Review – Alice Cooper – Bournemouth BIC.

For a second year running Alice Cooper has brought his Halloween Night Of Fear tour on the road across the UK. After attending a gig last year at Bristol’s Colston Hall, I simply couldn’t turn down a ticket, after-all if you’re gonna go to anyones Halloween bash, who better than Alice Cooper’s?

Throughout the day, Bournemouth saw zombies sitting down to eat fine cuisine, while goths picked out nail varnish from Boots the chemist. Oh dear. Not something the residents would expect to see everyday.

Once inside the venue ex Guns & Roses bassist Duff McKagan and his entourage Loaded gave their best efforts to get the crowd into gear with new material. Though the audience were evidently waiting for the moment he played GnR’s – It’s So Easy which actually gave Axl Rose a good run for his money.

Next up American rockers Ugly Kid Joe. With frontman Whitfield Crane throwing himself about to the extent of ending up on his ass. It was this energy that really engaged the crowd and loosened them up for the main man.

As ever the Halloween costume competition was judged by the crowd, before sparks started falling from the roof and Cooper showed up onstage. Backed by a very similar band to last year featuring Michael Jackson guitarist Orianthi.

Hello Hooray the Judy Collins cover opened up the twenty-four track set. The ballad like guitar worked sufficiently well alongside the stage theatrics. Cooper instantly lived up to the expectation, on superb form… reminding us all that the 64 year old rocker certainly doesn’t let his age get in the way of his anything be it golf or music.

The next few tracks included House Of Fire, No More Mr Nice Guy followed up by newer song I’ll Bite Your Face Off. It seemed a surprise to have such a flurry of favourites so early on in the set, but then I realised it was essentially a greatest hits setlist.

Throughout the night we heard, Billion Dollar Babies during which Cooper strolled along the front of the stage waving and teasing the crowd with a sword full of 100 dollar bills featuring his face.

Most stores are a little bit sceptical about these notes…

Feed My Frankenstein was yet another highlight as members of the band along with two stage crew hooked Alice Cooper up to a machine, sparks flew, smoke leaked out. Then a super sized Frankenstein came out from the wings… who looked suspiciously like Nicholas Cage!

Great costume… I’ll bare that in mind next year.

Amongst some of the classics such as Poison and I’m Eighteen, Cooper stated “Tonight we are gonna raise the dead, I used to go drinking with four friends” he continued, “they were called  Keith, John, Jimi and Jim…” Cooper then played four covers in a row, in tribute to Keith Moon, John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrisson.  The four classic tracks My Generation, Revolution, Foxy Lady and Light My Fire were played one after another. As each track opened a gravestone of each person appeared on the backdrop.

Nice shades mate. (Part of the Lennon tribute)

The gig was closed with Schools Out which was fused with Pink Floyd’s Another Brick In The Wall. Of course there were huge balloons, confetti … the works… Alice Cooper never fails to delight me. Make sure you get along to a Halloween Night Of Fear gig next time around, I can assure that you won’t be disappointed.

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