Interview – The Virginmarys

Wanted! A British rock and roll band. Must have attitude, spirit and style. The Virginmarys carry all that and more. After seeing the passionate trio open for Reverend & The Makers with an explosive energetic set I decided to get in touch and see what fuels these original rockers… we got the lowdown with frontman Ally Dickaty.

Hey there Ally thanks for your time, so you have just finished a run of dates with Reverend & The Makers how did the tour go?

The Reverend guys were ace. We all got on great. The tour was really cool. We weren’t sure how our stuff would go down with their fans, so it was mega to have such a top response. We gained a load of new fans from it which is always cool.

After releasing a couple of EP’s I have heard that an album is due out next year, how far along with that are you?

We’ve finished the recording and the artwork is near complete. The album will be called King Of Conflict. We are all really happy with it. It’s the perfect debut for us, all the tracks are banging and it really captures the excitement of our live sound.

How did you come up with the title King Of Conflict then?

It’s part of the lyrics for Dead Man’s Shoes. It seemed to fit the urgency and danger of the songs so we thought it’d be ideal as the album title.

I noticed that a very impressive element to your live shows are the drums, would you say Danny has a unique style? He seemed to be murdering his kit!

He quite often kills his hands playing. He does have a unique style, it’s a massive part of The Virginmarys sound. When i first met him he was listening to a lot of Mitch Mitchell (Hendrix Experience.) I can still hear a bit of that, but there is a lot of different styles going on in his playing. Overall it’s incredibly passionate.

You grew up in Macclesfield, was this where you guys first met?

I already knew Danny from college, we’d been jamming together since. I met Matt in a pub called the Mill Stone in Macclesfield, we arranged to get together for a rehearsal. From there we played a few gigs and were in the studio recording our first EP within a few months.

Ally, giving it all the dirty intense guitar riffs…

Growing up near Manchester around the time of The Stone Roses, New Order etc what lead you to get into a heavier sound?

I’ve always been into a heavier guitar led sound, and playing in a power trio it really works for us. I really like a lot of the Manchester bands but never felt the urge to sound like them.
You write what you write, and for me it’s always been more natural and honest to keep it intense and dirty.

You mentioned liking Mancunian bands, if you had the chance to support any band who would it be?

I’d love to support the like of Queens Of The Stone Age or the Foo Fighters.
They’ve been successful in writing so much great stuff and it has stood the test of time.
I’d love to support them on the road and see how they work.
Above all it’d be a massive honour.

What are The Virginmarys plans for the rest of the year?

At the moment were writing new stuff, any spare time we get we go back into the studio to get new ideas down. We’ve got a TV recording in Belfast later this week then we support Feeder for a few shows and are off to Norway for a couple of gigs.

Since forming you have played hundreds of gigs, what has been the most memorable?

I always remember supporting Slash in Manchester as being my favorite.
He came on stage wearing a Virginmarys tee-shirt. I’ll never forget that.

Slash, rocking The Virginmarys tee.

Which three bands would headline your dream festival?

Nirvana, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd

Lastly could you tell us what The Virginmarys are all about?

Reminding people how good proper rock n roll music can be!

Well you certainly reminded me in Bristol! Thanks very much for your time, It’s great to hear from you Ally. Looking forward to hearing the new album!

The Virginmarys will support Feeder on a run of three UK dates, starting in Manchester on the 18th of November. If you are reading this without having heard The Virginmarys please leave this page now by clicking this link… it’s all fairly self-explanatory. (Dead Man’s Shoes, music video.)

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6 Responses to Interview – The Virginmarys

  1. Ross says:

    i havent been able to stop listening to these guys since i saw them at CMJ this year. they have a free track download available here: awesome!

  2. Carolyn says:

    This band is so good!!! I love the video for Dead Man’s Shoes

  3. I agree! They are brilliant, thanks for those links. Guys remember to like our facebook page here for more news!!

  4. Adecmr says:

    Good interview lad! I love these guys!

  5. macky-paige says:

    Great interview! I love these guys and I am so happy that they put up their EP for free on their website! I haven’t been able to stop listening to it.

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