Interview – The Milk.

The Milk are a bunch of lads defying the bog standard Essex fuck-up stereotype. Replacing fake tans for aggressive fans… Ooo pun. They are one of Britain’s most hotly tipped new bands. Full fat rhythm and blues mixed in with a tipple of semi skimmed Motown vocals.

We caught up with bassist Luke ahead of the bands October UK tour.

Q – While flicking through the records in a local music shop, one of the first things that drew me into ‘The Milk’ was the image on your debut album cover, how did you come up with the artwork?

The cat artwork that was done by a friend of ours way back when the band started! We wanted something as memorable as The Stones ‘Red Lips’ whether it will stand the test of time we shall see? The album artwork really embodies what the album is about. Tales from where we grew up and where we still live! Plus its simply looks cool as fuck!

Q –  So the cat imagery just kinda stuck?

Yeah, the cat was simply something that’s stuck. I think for the next album we’ll completely change-up the artwork though using the cats as a logo maybe.. I like it when bands stay fresh with that kinda stuff though.

Q – How did the name ‘Tales From The Thames Delta’ derive?

The Thames Delta is a reference to the Thames Estuary made by Wilco Johnson of Dr. Feelgood in a documentary we saw talking about RnB in our area. At the time there were a few blues bands in the area and they all considered the estuary to be in kin with the Mississippi Delta! We liked them meaning, and the heritage to the area and the fact it was all based around RnB… Our album is full of stories of this area when we grew up. So ‘Tales From The Thames Delta’ was born!

Q – If you could open for any band, who would it be and why?

The Stones… Even today I’d be in complete awe of them! What they have achieved over 50 years is incredible and to continue as they do in their advancing years is something to really look up to for any musician!

Q – You originally started out as a punk band, would you say the album embodies aspects of the punk ideology?

Punk is an easy style of music to play, it doesn’t require much practise or much finesse but what it does have is bundles of energy and raw passion! I like to think we’ve attached those attributes to our style of RnB Soul.

Q – How did growing up in Essex affect your music?

Essex is where we all grew up and where we all went to school. In many ways its all we know… so its bound to effect your opinions and fill you with stories and characters that you can draw on but I don’t think the things we talk about are any different from anyone else in any other county or town… Everyone has aspirations to break away from there hometown and see the world, our town just happens to have loads of people with fake tans!

Q – Speaking of fake tans… your opinions on TOWIE? haha !

Every town has their idiots.. the only difference is in our town they film them!

Q –8) James Buckley from Britain’s favourite comedy ‘The Inbetweeners ‘ stars in your video for ‘Every Time We Fight’ how did this partnership form?

We met through a mutual friend, he liked the band and had a bit of time on his hands right around the time we needed a video. The powers at be sorted it out and a week later we were making a video with him! He’s a nice bloke, we’re off to his wedding next week!

Q – What’s your opinion on The Rolling Stones charging £406 per ticket for their 02 arena gigs in November?

Bands never set the prices for tickets, theres many other business men/women that sort out all that nonsense! At the end of the day its The Stones, i’d rather pay 400 quid on them than fucking Lady Gaga!

Haha! But still, that’s like two Glastonbury tickets!

Q – After a short break from touring are you looking forward to getting back out on the road this November?

Touring is always great fun! We love going out on the road, meeting new friends and seeing the reaction our wicked fans have to our music! We especially can’t wait for the gig at The Shepherds Bush Empire on the 29th! So many greats have played there its an honour to join the long list!!!

Q – It was recently the 10th anniversary of  Up The Bracket. To celebrate you released a cover of Time For Heroes, what do The Libertines mean to you?

The Libertines are one of a handful of bands that has actually done something decent in the past 10 years… Time for heroes is a tune that’s an undeniable classic and it was a pleasure to put our twist on it! We met Gary (the drummer) last week too… now that man right there is a Gent!

Q – And what are the bands ambitions for 2013?

2013 Will hold many more gigs here and abroad.. and possibly another album!!! Watch this space!

Well we will look forward to that! so much for your time guys, It’s been a pleasure. 

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