Interview – BLEECH.

Hailing from East London BLEECH have drummed up copious amounts of interest over the past year. 2012 has seen the release of the band’s debut album Nude. The trio have powered across the UK and Germany delivering their angst driven riffs and melodic vocals which create a clear distinction between themselves and other young bands trying to pull off an original punk inspired sound.

We got in touch with Jen, Katherine and Matt to discuss their recent success.

Q – Your debut album “Nude” has seen plenty of good press since it’s release in June, tell us a little bit about the record?

Jen: Well we had a lot of older songs that we had been playing on the live circuit for a while, songs like Weirdo, FlowerhandsMondays etc. But we never discussed making a proper album until we felt the time was right, that time came along and we had to write some new stuff to go with the old stuff which was a challenge because we wanted the album to be fluent. A lot of songs came out of frustrating periods like I Wanna Be Me and Break My Nose, finally we ended up with the songs we wanted on the album.

Q – You frequently return to Germany to tour, is there something special about playing there? How would you compare it to your gigs in America and the UK?

Matt: Germany really is just crazy, it doesn’t matter where you go they love their rock music, and as we are a rock band we fit in very well over there. We had a few challenging audiences this time round though, but when you rise to it the result is always the same… carnage!

Katherine: Playing New York really was one of the experiences of our lives though, there is such a vibe there you feel part of everything that is going on… hopefully we will have another gig there soon!

Q – You frequently update fans via your facebook page of your tour busses love life, whats going on there?

Jen: Beryl has been a bit of a minx recently, wherever she goes she bumps into other Volkswagens, Fords and Mercs, we always seem to be parked next to a big red van. She likes them in particular. Great traction, handles the heat of the engine very well, she can really go the distance if you know what I mean.

Look out ! Beryl is at it again…

Q – You have all been playing from a very young age, what first got you into music? Any notable bands?

Matt: AC/DC were my first love… and my last.

Jen/Katherine: The Beatles!

Jen: I learnt how to play guitar from a Beatles chord book.

Q – What are your plans for 2013, Are you hoping to tour the festival circuit?

Katherine: We have a lot of plans for next year, we are going to be recording bits and pieces for the next album trying to get a vibe for a studio we like before the end of the year, then lay down the final recordings in January.

Jen: The writing has been going well, and we have been testing some songs on the road to positive effect.

Matt: We are of course planning an extensive tour of the U.K at the moment before the album is even recorded, we will also be touring France for two weeks in March. But Yes hopefully we will book in a few more Summer festivals this year.

Q – BLEECH’s new music video for the single “Break My Nose” is now out, the renowned boxer Frank Bugliani stars in the video. How did that end up happening?

Matt: At the time we were struggling for a concept for a new video and we were running out of time, Jen then came up with the idea after she and Katherine had attended a boxing match they had been invited to, so we just approached Frank and he said well…yes!

Q – You have toured with the likes of Wolfmother, The Charlatans, The Joy Formidable and Pete Doherty, what’s it like being on the road with these big names?

Katherine: It’s great… luckily they were all really nice guys, can’t remember any of these slots being unpleasant in any way. There are many things you can learn when you get to watch the set of a very tight band every night, you start wanting to better yourself and work harder I suppose to challenge them every night.

Q – A lot of new bands attempting to tap into the grunge genre sound like dated Nirvana wannabes. How did you develop your unique yet original sound and are there any modern bands that inspire you?

Jen: Firstly thanks for your compliment! We did get a tiny bit of a grunge label before we even recorded the album and to honest I really don’t know why… of course we listened to Nirvana but we got stuff like The Pixies, Sleeper and all rest of it which are bands we have never listened to. We just try to write interesting songs!

Katherine: The Beatles are a bit influence for sure because we love melody and good songs… it’s a very simple concept to us. One band that we are listening to constantly at the moment is Band of Skulls because they are a great rock band with good passionate songs, one of the best bands to come out of the UK in a while, apart from us ha!

Q – You still have a few remaining UK dates left before you’re off to play in France. Your efforts during live shows have been compared to Feeder, The Foo Fighters and Hole. Tell us what we could expect if we came to a BLEECH gig?

Jen: We’ll have the Foo’s comparison for sure! We went to see them at Reading and the commitment to each chord, every note is astounding!

Matt: Hopefully a hot, loud sweaty gig you will never forget for the rest of your life… ever.

Katherine: An absolute sweatbag!

Q – Lastly, what you guys get up to away from the band?

Matt: We still all have part-time jobs we need to get rid of !!!

Jen: We are always writing and rehearsing all the time when we are not on the road, living in each others pockets… spend a bit of time with the family and that.

Katherine: I suppose we’ll have to get on with that album number two…

Oh yeah, the dreaded album number two ! I wish you guys the best of luck with that. Thanks very much for your time, great to hear from you. 

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