The Enemy Review, Weston Pier.

On the 28th of September we saw The Enemy take Weston’s newly rebuilt pier by storm. The first thought that springs to mind is typically ‘Oh a pier, that’s pretty naff’ however this venue is already beginning to build up a first rate reputation as it continues to book big names.

Tom Clark (vocals) used to visit Weston as a child, this led to The Enemy agreeing to kick off their extensive Streets In The Sky tour at The Grand Pier as a promotional event, publicising its new image.

The usual slot machines were pushed aside and replaced by solid support slots from Dexter’s followed by The Antics. Tracks from The Darkness, Morrissey and The Libertines rocked out through the PA which soon got the pissed Weston residents bouncing around. The trio came on after The Who’s Baba O’Riley had set an immense tingling feeling amongst the crowd.

They ripped straight into Gimme The Sign, the first track on the new album entitled Streets In The Sky. The distorted guitar riff set the pace for the rest of the night, punchy, aggressive and manic, as there was no gap and they fired straight into Aggro, things got increasingly rowdy. Tom certainly knows how to stoke a crowd.

We were treated to The Enemy’s longest set to date. “This is our longest fucking set ever tonight, so if my voice goes your gonna have to help me out”, though Tom’s voice remained untarnished all night. The set included the classic anthems such as Be Somebody, Had Enough and Away From Here which seemed as though they were written to tear venues like this one apart.

Highlights from the new album included Bigger Cages and Longer Chains which saw the band in adept form, really injecting every last ounce of energy into their new material. The fans equally sustained their stamina working just as hard, creating that electric vibe which the band evidently relished. When Tom shouted “Alright, is it anyone’s birthday here tonight?” half the venue had their hands in the air within seconds, “okay statistically what are the fucking chances that 500 of you share the same birthday and it’s tonight” he laughed then dedicated Happy Birthday Jane to two suspects that looked like they might just be telling the truth.

After leaving the stage, the band returned and topped off the night with We’ll Live And Die In These Towns followed by You’re Not Alone arguably The Enemy’s two biggest hits. Comments from the crowd such as “Fucking incredible” and “I can’t believe how tight they are live”, uttered around me. They departed the stage leaving us chanting for more, though not getting any.

Weston’s Grand Pier is a superb new venue, as Tom stated during the set “why don’t bands come here all the time?” The fans were thinking exactly the same thing. A fantastic night, perfectly cooled off by the sea breeze on departure.

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One Response to The Enemy Review, Weston Pier.

  1. Debbie Borland says:

    Great review, amazing night, came all the way over from Luton, Beds, Weston Grand Pier was an excellent venue. 1234 ready to go!!!

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