Interview – Heaven’s Basement.

Heaven’s Basement are an English hard rock band, who over the last few years have built up a solid reputation for their extensive touring schedule and electrifying live performances. After getting their first big break opening for Bon Jovi in 2008 the band have since built up a dedicated fan base and hit some of the UK’s leading festivals such as Download and Sonisphere.

We caught up with Heaven’s Basement axeman Sid Glover ahead of their Bristol gig at The Fleece with Halestorm early in October.

Hey Sid, thanks for speaking to us,

Q – You have worked incredibly hard over the last couple of years. How does it feel to have achieved so much in such a short space of time with Heaven’s Basement?

It’s a good pay off, we’ve set our sights pretty high and haven’t wavered from trying to pull it off. It’s been a great rollercoaster couple of years which makes it feel even better to have finished recording our debut album, ‘Filthy Empire’!

Q – You have ticked the boxes of most big festivals now and we are starting to see Heaven’s Basement creep higher and higher up on the Download lineup, how would you describe your sets at the festival?

Last year was the first time we’ve played an electric set at Download, and it was immense. We were on pretty early on Sunday and we expected a few solid rows at the front and people scattered about after that. But 5 minutes before we went on the whole tent filled up and the vibe was electric! They had to call more security in as we hadn’t anticipated it kicking off so much. Good times!

Q – Heaven’s Basement have recently released the music video for ‘Fire, Fire’ where did you record this track and can you tell us what the song is about? 

‘Fire, Fire’ came together pretty quickly when we were recording in the States. I threw a couple of riffs together and we jammed it all out, it was actually a much longer song with 5 sections to it with some weird trippy stuff going on in the middle when we first tracked it. But we cut it down once we’d gotten over the novelty of it and it turned out pretty sweet! It’s good because it has a bit of everything in it that Heaven’s Basement is about. Energy, Riffs, Lairy Vocals, big middle section….all the fun stuff!

It’s a song born out of frustration, about not being content with where you are or what path you see your life is on and wanting to break out of it. It’s also a kick in the ass for people that complain about that kind of thing but never actually do anything about it. It reflects the kind of ethic we have in Heaven’s Basement.

Q – Do you have any funny anecdotes from being on the road? I heard you lost a van in the States last year.

Ha, yeah that was a particularly ‘hazey’ morning….we’d been out in Hollywood after tracking ‘Fire, Fire’. Aaron and I walked out of the apartment the next morning to an empty space where we thought we’d parked the van. We just looked at each other trying to unlock any memories that might help us, unfortunately no luck! Turned out later that the L.A.P.D. had impounded it.

Q – You were one of my highlights from High Voltage 2011 because of the energy you guys fuel into live performances. Would you agree that through playing live helped you build up your dedicated fan base?

Absolutely! We’re totally about playing live and owe 99% of our solid fan base to having met them at shows or them having seen us live somewhere. I come from the thinking that instead of touring to support sales of an album it should be about going to gigs, and taking a CD away with you as a souvenir to listen to when you’re not at a show.

Q – Since the Unbreakable EP was released last year, Heaven’s Basement have signed to Red Bull Records, released ‘Paper Plague’ and ‘Fire, Fire’ more recently. When are we likely to see an album on the shelves?

Yeah man, our debut album is recorded! ‘Fire, Fire’ is a taster of what’s to come with it. The album is called ‘Filthy Empire’ and will be released in January 2013.

Q – You are about to play Bristol’s notorious venue The Fleece with Halestorm. Is there a different feel at gigs in the UK compared with Europe? 

There really is. It’s a culture thing, so it varies slightly on each country. England leans more on the gritty, straight up carnage side of things I’d say!

Q – What bands inspired you to get your solid traditional rock sound? 

We all bring slightly different influences to the table. Personally I’m all about the ‘in your face’ kinda rude awakening that happened from turning up blues guitar really fucking loud and playing it in front of an unexpecting audience. Like Hendrix, The Stones, Zeppelin etc. We’re music fans though, so we love all kinds of stuff from The Beatles to Muse to Slipknot to Prodigy to Pink Floyd. As long as it’s got soul and is real then i’m down with it.

Q – What’s your favourite song to play live?

We’ve never not played ‘Executioner’s Day’ live since our very first show. That track always tells me, ok the shows almost over so fucking go for it and make the most of the time you’ve got left up there! I’m really enjoying playing the new stuff though, I think all the songs are a big step up for us and I get a buzz playing them for people for the first time.

Q – It’s hard to believe Aaron only joined the band last year. What’s it like playing alongside him as a frontman? He has an incredible stage presence.

It’s great to be up there with a guy that’s bang on the money when it comes to performing the songs we write, also he and I have very different sounding voices but it kinda works when we play of each other. I enjoy that! He’s cool man, he does his thing and I’ll come and get involved with him from time to time…just gotta make sure I don’t get in the way at the wrong time or I’ll get dragged in the crowd with him too!

Thanks so much for your time Sid, good luck at the upcoming UK dates and with the new album.

Heaven’s Basement are playing Bristol’s Fleece with Halestorm on 1st October.
You can catch the latest news and updates from the band on their facebook page.

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