The Vaccines – Pilton Party 2012.

Photo Credit – Will Fahy.
After support from a few local bands Professor Green soon hit the stage who did an exceptional job of enhancing The Vaccines headline slot. By the time a few tracks had passed he had successfully created a drab atmosphere which left the crowd stagnant with the occasional half hearted waving hand.

However soon after “The Professor’s” departure, central Somerset’s less classy bunch filtered their way out of the tent and something of an atmosphere began to develop. A few minutes before Justin and his gang were due onstage a really good feeling began to develop amongst the crowd. The foundations for a good night out were in place. The Vaccines. Check. A dance tent on Worthy Farm. Check. Cold Pint. Check. Let’s go for it.

Similar to their Reading & Leeds performances a couple of weeks prior to the gig The Vaccines kicked things off with the opening track from ‘Come Of Age’ ‘No Hope’ and no, they were not singing about Professor Green, though Justin certainly taught him a lesson or two on how to get a crowd going. It was one of those gigs where after the third song, you had suddenly progressed from the back of the sweaty tent to about three rows from the front. Ready for some more fist-pumping adrenaline fuelled action.

After a few seconds to catch your breath those sweet distorted opening notes from ‘Wreckin Bar’ soon began to rattle around the tent and the art of lager throwing got into full swing. The place erupted. I noticed how much the band had developed as a live act since first seeing them at an 02 academy about a year ago.  With new bulkier material to build up the live set alongside the two minute punchy punkish anthems we first heard on the eponymous debut “What Did You Expect From The Vaccines.’

Tracks such as ‘Teenage Icon’ and ‘Ghost Town’ were the best received from “Come Of Age” which had only just hit the shelves a few days prior to the annual event. The Vaccines really did take no prisoners at Pilton Party this year as they closed the set with a paisley shirt tearing prolonged version of ‘Norgaard’. Unfortunately my paisley shirt.
I wouldn’t be surprised if the next time we see The Vaccines return to Worthy Farm they are opening for a headline act or even topping the Other Stage.

You can see more photographs form the night at
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