The Cribs – Bristol 02.

It’s the 9th of May, the release week of “In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull” the trio’s 5th studio album (4th Marrless), and The Cribs are back to their roots with that heavier distinctive sound we remember from previous albums.

Crocodiles opened up providing an intriguing refreshing sound, however some would argue the controversial choice of coming onstage to the sound of Gary Glitter’s Leader of the gang but hey, each to their own right? The Cribs hit the stage with “God Gave Rock And Roll To You”, blasting through the P.A. and so began the emotional fist pumping.

They ripped straight into Chi-Town, the first release of the new album. The stomping anthem opened their hour and a half set and had the crowd bouncing, shoving, and covered in each others pints within seconds.

Upping the tempo and heat again the Jarman brothers thundered straight into “Cheat On Me” and “I’m A Realist” the shouty hits go down a storm, with the crowd fighting for air and chanting the lyrics like a pissed choir. Songs from the new album such as “Come On, Be A No-One”, “Jaded Youth” and “Anna” were instant hits with the crowd, hearing these songs blossom live consolidates the albums greatness with clarity.

A projection of Sonic Youth’s Lee Ranaldo was soon beamed upon the backdrop as he started impactfully modulating dark emotive poetry the band started slamming heavy distorted riffs over the top of it, forming the hit “Be Safe” from the critically acclaimed album “Mens Needs, Woman’s Needs Whatever” this is a clear highlight of the night.

We hear the gems we were all expecting such as “Hey Scenesters”, “City Of Bugs” and “Mens Needs” executed with style. The Set was ended with the final track of the new album Arena Rock Encore (With full cast) which left people leaving the venue chanting for more, but not getting any, before the lights came up and with achey limbs and soggy shirts from the moshes and crushes, they stumbled out of the 02 Academy after a simply perfect night.

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