Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Live Review.

Prior to the doors opening a queue of well dressed mod revivalists snaked around the outside of Cardiff’s notorious Motorpoint Arena.  Once inside a the crowd gathered; lads out in their best Fred Perry and Pretty Green gear, with the occasional pissed hooligan expecting the antics, surges and moshes of an Oasis gig.

Kicking the evening off we heard tracks from Graham Coxon’s latest solo excursion from the album A&E. With synths playing a heavy part throughout the set his cool chic stage presence was evidently visible. Coxon stumbled around seemingly absorbed into his trancey reverberating grunge sound with his tight skinny jeans and desert boots – coining the stereotypical Britpop look.

Just before Noel came onstage, ‘Shoot A Hole Into The Sun’ (If Had A Gun… remix) started playing from the arena’s P.A. which subconsciously prepared the crowd for “The Chiefs” arrival.

The moment Noel’s suede brogue first touched the stage a very special feeling buzzed around. Ready for a night with one of the greatest songwriters of this generation. Umm.. Mad fer It anyone? He strolled over to his guitar with that classic Mancunian Gallagher walk. Noel proudly placed his NME Godlike Genius award depicting a hand giving the middle finger on top of his amp. In the manner as if to say, “Fuck you I know I’m the best, I’m Noel Gallagher.”

The mastermind behind one of Britain’s most iconic bands pumped straight into the Oasis hit, ‘It’s Good To Be Free’ which was received well. The crowd worked just as hard as Noel roaring back the chorus. Could opening with this track be a hint towards enjoying life on the road without being tied down by Oasis? The day after he did quote “I wouldn’t reform Oasis if all the starving children in the world depended on it” really stressing his hatred towards sibling Liam.  Notable tracks from the set included, a stripped down version of Supersonic. Numerous times throughout the set the inevitable chants of “YOUR BROTHER IS A WANKER” broke out, though Noel surprisingly above all of this chose not too comment.

We heard the whole of Noel’s solo works throughout the night. Coming back onstage for an encore he introduced his band then the trumpet players who had seemingly disappeared, “Oh no, they’ve fucked off” so wittily introducing the microphone stands, “Meet Michael, Mickey and this ones actually a girl, Michelle”, yeah okay Noel don’t give up the day job. He got a few sniggers. The four track encore included ‘Let The Lord Shine A Light on Me’, ‘Whatever’ (which seemed a crowd favourite) ‘Little By Little’ and as any good Oasis fan could have guessed… ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’, which blew us away. Incredible. You know I’d like to see a few more Noel and Beady Eye gigs before Oasis sort themselves out.

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