Howler – The King Arthur, Glastonbury.

The moment I found out Howler were playing in Glastonbury I was shocked. Set to be America’s next big indie band, playing in a local pub, bloody weird to say the least.

When I arrived the band were sat in the corner tapping away on their laptops and sinking the local Ales while Joy Division rattled away on the Jukebox. At 10.00 they finally hit the stage. Everyone left their tables and followed as the opening notes from “Beach Sluts” echoed around the place. This sort of gig could easily be looked back on in a few years time and be compared to the Arctic’s early pub slots. Shit lighting, cheap beer, but straight up in your face, American indie rock and roll.

The set contained material from the bands debut album, “America Give Up”. A few tracks in the crowd started calling for the vocals to be turned up. These problems could easily be forgiven with a £6.00 ticket and a pubs P.A. However they sorted the sound, and rocked out hits such as “This One’s Different” and “Told You Once”.

After their set had ended I met Jordan outside and asked, Why play here? He replied, “When you get into the grit of a country you avoid the hipsters of the big cities”.

Signed to the same label as The Strokes, Howler are one not to be missed, you can catch them at Reading and Leeds later in the year.

Rhys B.

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