Interview – TOY.

Since forming in early 2010, TOY  have quickly built up a cult underground following which could easily be compared to Joy Division during the late 70’s. Based in London, the band first saw commercial success on the Indie/Shoegaze scene with hit single “Motoring”. They have since continued tapping into the touring circuit supporting friends The Horrors on their extensive UK tour earlier in the year, while more recently they’ve hit numerous festivals across Europe this Summer. Having released their eponymous self-titled debut album on September 10th, so we caught up with TOY to discuss the new album, their busy schedule and to find out a little bit more about the band.

Hello there guys, you’ve been really busy with the launch of the new album recently, so thanks for taking the time out to speak to us.

Q- In one word how would you describe the album to new listeners?

 Miasma – noun. unpleasant or unwholesome air or atmosphere.

Q-Most people would compare your experimental edgy feel to The Horrors  or even Joy Division, but who would you cite as your key influences?

 We have lots of influences. These include, BroadcastSonic YouthPULPDeerhunter,Stereolab, Tom Dissevelt, Iggy Pop, Roxy Music and Can. It could be anything; we like all sorts.

 Q- I feel the colorful psychedelic imagery on your upcoming debut album cover really suits your sound. Would you agree and is this important?

 It is important to us; it’s something we all enjoy thinking about and contributing ideas to.

Q-Your music has a very spiritual feel, is there a general message or meaning behind the album?

I think we’ve tried to convey certain emotions, which vary throughout the record. There isn’t a message, more of a feeling.

Q-You recently played Reading and Leeds for the first time. How would you sum up that experience?

We really enjoyed them both; we played Rock En Seine on the Saturday as well, which was really fun.

Q-As the festival season is coming to a close, are there any notable bands you have enjoyed listening to over the summer?

We saw a friend’s band, Group A, in Japan after Summer Sonic festival and they were really great.

Q-You toured with The Horrors  earlier in the year. What’s it like being on the road with Faris and the boys?

They’re great. We had a really good time.

Q-What are your ambitions for the next couple of years?

We’ve started writing our next album, which we want out next year. Continue to explore music, be it other people’s or with each other, it’s always something we aspire to do. We’ll be touring a lot.

Q-Just a punchy one to leave us with – name a track you wish you had written?

“Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys.

Thanks guys. Good luck with the album.

Don’t forget you can purchase TOY’s new album from the 10th September, or alternatively stream the album free online through the bands website, where you can also find details of their UK tour, which starts in October.

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